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El Camino Real High School
Karl Raschkes Era
Marching Band and Drill Team
Classes : 1974-1981

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A Letter from Mr. Raschkes....
(July 2004)

Dear ECR Band Alumni,

I regret that I cannot be at the re-union. It is hard to believe that between 23 to 31 years have passed since you were in the ECR Band.

It was truly a great experience for me to have known all of you. We worked very hard together for a common purpose - striving for musical excellence.

In the process of that striving - we have bonded into lifelong friendships with irreplaceable memories. It is hard to believe that all of you are older than my age - when I was your band director. Yet I still think of you now as I did then - with great fondness and appreciation for you unfitness and talents.

Let me take this opportunity to thank all of you for your loyalty and commitment that you have shown to the ECR band program and to me as your director during the time that you were students in the ECR Band and Orchestra. Some of you have sent e-mails to me expressing regret at your misbehavior during those times - when you were my students in the band. I truly have forgotten such indiscretions. What I cannot forget, however, are the wonderful memories I have of each of you, the experiences we have had together and most of all - the transformation of the ECR Band into a family unit. As we live our lives out, raise our kids and try to provide for them as best we can. Let us not forget that time in our lives when we worked so hard and unselfishly for an idealistic goal, as exemplified by the man from LaMancha: "ECR Band - No. 1 RAH !"

Thanks Barrie and the reunion committee for organizing the reunion. I regret that I cannot be there this time. But I will do my best to be at the next one in another 5 years and hope to see you all then.
Karl Raschkes

Performance DVD

Believe it or not, the DVD is ready!

1981 LA City performance found!

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Band and Drill Team Members

The member list are those who are known (or at least thought) to have been in the band or drill team from 1974 (Fall 1973) through 1981 while Mr. Raschkes was the band director. This list is not complete but keeps expanding and being updated as more information arrives. If you have any information to add or change regarding your own information or anyone else who was in the band or drill team, please use the form above.

The list has been password protected to prevent spammers with automatic searching tools from reading the e-mail addresses. Your browser will request a username and password to view the list. The username is "ecr" and the password is "band".

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